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WOW !!!! What an act boys !!! We never thought Marcus was going to leave the room, his behaviour was shocking and Nathan milked it . By far the best entertainment to surprise your guest’s. We well and truly had each and everyone of them. It was magical. The Singer waiters just added to our wonderful day. The boys sets played in the evening were professional and sounded pitch perfect !!! We can not thank you both enough . You added so much to our fantastic wedding day. Hayley and Ian -Plough and Harrow, Birmingham .

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Singing Waiters Birmingham Your singing waiters perform all across the UK our surprise singers can perform as singing waiters or singing waitress in all areas including Birmingham another alternative and is very popular is to have featured in the wedding is singing chef, the generally have a scene were i member of the hotel waiting on team will announce that the chef has cooked his last meal at the venue and will be leaving us to go back to his family in france, your singing chef will appear after you main course serves to make his final farewell speech thanking staff at the venue and all you guest he will become rather emotional, at this point he will ask the staff at the venue rather that a speech he would prefer to sing a song. Your singing chef will proceed to sing out of key and not very well at all, he will then ask if anybody in the party would like to sing your singing waiters will have hidden another performer in Disguise as a waiter who has spent the afternoon serving you wine and food and making a general presents winding your guest up with his behavior. He will then join your singing chef for a performance interacting with your guests with uplifting songs and sing a longs.

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Singing Waiters Birmingham  at The Belfry Hotel, Wishaw, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands,
The Belfry Hotel , saw a very exciting weekend for the singing waiters Marcus Keith & Nathan Turner , performing at The Belfry Hotel Birmingham.

As Marcus & Nathan arrived there bride and groom were getting married in Grand Ballroom. Truly a A grand gathering in the ballroom setting was picture perfect, to keep are identities under disguise we were assisted operations manager and accessed the room via the kitchens, after setting up it was a pleasant day and the sun was beaming on the garden to the rear of the Ballroom were the guest were enjoying canapés and drinks. After Marcus & Nathan set the stage for the even the bride & Groom entered the room .The atmosphere was friendly and fun, and singing waiters Birmingham were sure to have a fantastic afternoon. After playing a few trademark pranks on the unsuspecting guests the pair had a big argument, slap bang in the middle of the room, which resulted in Nathan throwing a towel at Marcus and storming out of the room, at which point the guests burst into applause, as the “new guy” stood up to the “jobsworth bully”! Moments after, as the guests are reeling over what just happened, Nathan re-entered the room, bursting into song, joined by Marcus shortly after and the party began! All in all a brilliant afternoon, filled with great songs, fun and laughter.

Belfry oers acres of space both inside and out, inside oering rooms and seating from 25 to 300 . Whether it’s an elegant extravaganza in the iconic Ryder Room, an alfresco terrace aair overlooking the Brabazon, a bespoke marquee in the grounds or a more informal ‘garden party’ theme in the Herb Garden, we will be with you every step of the way in the creation of your perfect day.

Singing Waiters Birmingham Performing Areas & Venues:

Performing in the following areas within Birmingman, Barton, Catforth, Haighton, Whitechapel, Fulwood, Ingol, Lea, Inglewhite. Singing Waiters have performed in the following venues in the Birmingman Area: Birmingman Marriott, Farrington lodge, Shawhill Golf Club, The Villa Country House, Rufford Old Hall, Gibbon Bridge.


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